Food admirers, cooking enthusiastic, technology experts, all combined with over 50 years of engineering, this unique combination makes UNITO team and UNITO products so special and desirable.


We bring our vast technology experience and know-how to your kitchen, we bring progress, design, simplicity and comfort in order to create unforgettable user experience.


From concept stage, we involve all our team member in the initial brain-storming , each member contributes his/her specialty and experience, let it be industrial designer, mechanical or electric engineer, we form a concept with strong foundation, friendly material, stunning design and without any quality compromise.


UNITO products create more space in your kitchen by eliminating traditional bulky appliances and replacing with smart, modular, energy efficient and amazing looking products making the cooking environment more pleasant, at the same time, we put the control in your hands, with our UNITO smart app and ANYWHERE platform, so you can access and monitor, service and purchase with a click of a button.



Our Mission

‘UNITO mission is bringing innovation into daily life, whether kitchen appliance of other home electric products, we believe that each household should enjoy high quality intelligent products at affordable cost’



Our vision & strategy:

• Purpose – become a world leader in designing and producing smart appliances

• Vision – to spread our technology to millions of households around the world at an affordable price

• Mission – by continuous designing and innovating, we wish to develop a long lasting relationship with our customers supported by exceptional customer service

• Core values – we believe in treating customers with honesty and fairness, fast responding customer service oriented, creativity and innovation as a mean of growth, putting integrity and ethics in our business method.

• Goals – create a leading technology with a distinctive exceptional design at an affordable cost to anyone who wish to engage smart appliances at their home



The UNITO brand is new and refreshing, our team is a group of experts, thinking out of the box, technology breakthrough designers and we are committed to create a fun, intuitive intelligent products and bring innovation right to your doorstep.